Ty Lee did actually features recognized Zuko because their very early youth

[12] Whenever she joined Azula and Mai, [4] they adopted Zuko and you will Iroh around the globe in an attempt to capture them. She seemed to undertake your with no objections up on his get back regarding exile, [14] as well as vacationed that have your as well as Mai and you can Azula so you’re able to Ember Area. [1] When tensions flower, Zuko entitled the girl a great “circus freak” and berated the lady on her endless optimism, ultimately causing the girl to enhance psychological and you may compelling their to reveal the girl things about signing up for the newest circus. She pressured him, plus the anybody else, towards openly revealing his good reasons for their previous anger. Such as the woman friends, Ty Lee sympathized which have Zuko’s interior chaos and you may distress. [1] Shortly after she and you may Azula fled to a different gondola throughout a combat with Zuko along with his partners, leaving her or him getting lifeless, she featured unpleasant and you will concerned, to possess Zuko who has actually dropped to their dying at that big date had they not come getting Mai’s quick intervention. [7]

Per year following stop of your Hundred-year Combat, Ty Lee inserted all of those other Kyoshi Fighters inside the securing Zuko on account of several murder efforts against the new fire Lord, [13] and you will she continued to protect your the next few years. [11]

Former opponents

Hailing throughout the Fire Nation and you will element of Azula’s people, Ty Lee was an organic opponent of the Avatar. [5] However, the girl animosity with the Aang is actually solely considering those people requests. As such, the 2 with ease got along adopting the conclusion of Hundred Season Conflict. [15]


Ty Lee and you can Katara simply ever before met after they fought per most other. It earliest fulfilled through the a great botched prisoner replace. Whenever Katara tried to eliminate Mai having fun with waterbending, Ty Lee put chi clogging so you can disable Katara, helping to make the lady defenseless. So it almost contributed to Katara’s defeat as a result of Mai. [4] No matter if Katara escaped unharmed together with her family members, she put up knowledge of Ty Lee’s enjoy, stating their capacity to strip the girl off the lady bending strength was terrifying. [5]

Katara and Ty Lee battled with each other into the multiple days afterwards, including whenever Azula and her friends chased the group following Appa’s fur trail [3] and if the fresh Flames Nation drill willing to infiltrate the new wall space away from Ba Sing Se. [5] not, on second involvement, Katara effectively battled out-of Ty Lee by bending the latest drill’s liquefied slurry, hence trapping their, and you can https://www.datingranking.net/christianconnection-review/ angrily named the lady a great “circus freak”. [5] In her disguise just like the good Kyoshi Warrior during the Castle inside Ba Sing Se, Ty Lee overwhelmed Katara playing with chi blocking, resulting in Katara’s grab. [16] The 2 didn’t interact for the rest of the fresh Hundred or so 12 months War, neither from the Zuko’s coronation.

Regarding wake of one’s Battle, Ty Lee has actually as the inserted new Kyoshi Warriors and you will was expose regarding Flame Nation Money when Team Avatar came into help Zuko and an enthusiastic unbound Azula to find their long-shed mommy. While the one or two didn’t actually work together, it appears Katara and you may Ty Lee no more brain for each other’s presence. [10]

Toph Beifong

Inside the Hundred year Conflict, Ty Lee merely realized Toph due to the fact an ally of the Avatar for example this lady enemy. After the completion of your own Conflict, Ty Lee inserted the new Kyoshi Fighters and thus didn’t come with reasoning to be antagonistic into Toph any further. Because of the 102 AG, new loved ones between the female had attained the stage where Ty Lee trusted Toph having as to why she are effect off and you may Toph took observe of the bad change in Ty Lee’s thinking, compassionate sufficient to try and elevator the brand new girl’s spirits. After they discovered Ty Lee’s siblings, which enhanced Ty Lee’s gloomy feelings as she noticed down more getting section of a blended place, Toph said one Ty Lee are her favorite out of the eight the same Ty siblings. [2]

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