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  • Hey Monyelle, you hit the nail on the head with this list, especially pointing out Participation. It seems people forget the simple principle we've all learned (or should have by now!) – you have to give to receive! Great tips! ~Kesha

  • De er bare sÃ¥ stilige! Jeg foreslo at Bestevennen skulle fjerne hekken og sette opp gjerde da jeg sÃ¥ det, men har trodde nok jeg var i ferd med Ã¥ bli gal…..Vakre tanker fra K@ri*

  • Yes, it takes a team effort to have a season as great as KC’s defense had, but the fact is Besler was the leader of that defense and a consistent force in the back. Collin started the season incredibly, but wasn’t as effective in the second half. Besler wasn’t just a standout defender, he also helped start attacks with his excellent passing out of the back. Bernardez was a worthy candidate too, but he made his share of mistakes and also missed a chunk of the season with a knee injury.

  • Orange Clove definitely! We have to rely on scents here in Texas because we don't really have a change of seasons outside! Love your blog and the pics of your gorgeous home inspire me to do things around mine! I made a roman shade for my kitchen window (which I would never have thought of if you hadn't shared yours) and it really makes the room look finished. Thanks!

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