Commencing then with the first of the above-named characteristics, I say that it would be well to be reputed liberal

Therefore, any one wishing to maintain among men the name of liberal is obliged puro avoid giammai attribute of magnificence; so that a prince thus inclined will consume mediante such acts all his property, and will be compelled con the end, if he wish sicuro maintain the name of liberal, preciso unduly weigh down his people, and tax them, and do everything he can puro get money. This will soon make him odious esatto his subjects, and becoming poor he will be little valued by any one; thus, with his liberality, having offended many and rewarded few, he is affected by the very first trouble and imperilled by whatever may be the first danger; recognizing this himself, and wishing esatto draw back from it, he runs at once into the reproach of being miserly.

Therefore, verso prince, not being able puro exercise this virtue of liberality mediante such a way that it is recognized, except to his cost, if he is wise he ought not puro fear the reputation of being mean, for mediante time he will quale onesto be more considered than if liberal, seeing that with his economy his revenues are enough, that he can defend himself against all attacks, and is able onesto engage durante enterprises without burdening his people; thus it comes esatto pass that he exercises liberality towards all from whom he does not take, who are numberless, and meanness towards those esatto whom he does not give, who are few. Sigue leyendo