Then, there is also the fact that there is still some debate over whether the war actually happened

There are many theories that offer up an answer to this question. Some believe that the Trojan War did occur, though they believe that many of the events of the war were fabricated in order onesto read better as poetry. They believe that the war was likely much smaller durante scale and not quite as bloody as described durante Homer’s texts.


There were also those that believed that the war did happen, but that the Troe up with the uomo that we know recognize as being the events of the Trojan War to try esatto cover up their humiliating defeat.

Then, there were those who believed the war never really happened and Troy was never a real place. These theorists gained the most popularity sopra the 1870′s and remained the most common perspective until Heinrich Schliemann published the work from his excavations at Hisarlik – the modern site which he believed was the ancient city of Troy. The site was verified esatto, in fact, be Troy sopra , though few believe the events of the Iliad and the Odyssey actually occurred as they were presented. Sigue leyendo