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“Guys always declare that since determining suit, dont it? The woman is a very good girl. Being the Chill Lady means I am a hot, wise, funny woman just who adores sporting events, casino poker, dirty laughs, and you can burping, which takes on video games, beverages cheap beer, wants threesomes and you will rectal intercourse, and you will jams gorgeous dogs and you can burgers on the this lady lips eg this woman is holding new world’s greatest cooking group shag whenever you are somehow keeping an effective dimensions 2, as Chill Female try to start with sensuous. Gorgeous and you may expertise. Chill Female never ever get mad; they only look within the an effective chagrined, enjoying trend and you may help their guys create what they wanted. Proceed, crap to your me, I don’t brain, I am this new Cool Lady.

It may be a slightly different adaptation – maybe he’s a vegan, therefore Cool Girl likes seitan that’s high that have dogs; or perhaps he is a great hipster singer, so Chill Woman sugar baby New York was an effective tattooed, bespectacled geek who enjoys comics

People in reality think the lady is obtainable. Possibly these are generally fooled as most women are prepared to imagine is her. For some time Cool Girl upset me personally. I always get a hold of guys – friends, colleagues, visitors – giddy during these terrible pretender women, and you can I would personally need to stay this type of people off and silently state: You are not relationships a female, you are matchmaking a female who has noticed a lot of video authored by socially shameful guys that has wish accept that that it sort of lady exists and may kiss him or her. Therefore the Chill Ladies try a lot more ridiculous: They’re not actually pretending become the lady they wish to getting, they’re acting is the lady one wants these to feel. Sigue leyendo