Sopra this book, ‘yoga’ has been recognised as verso word mediante common usage, and as such has not been italicised

Introduction preciso ‘Enlightened Living’

There are many spiritually elevated people durante the world, but not many levitating yogis: and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Maharshi are meant sicuro elevate the spirit of every man, not puro teach him how sicuro levitate. The attempt durante this little book has been preciso expose that gospel, puro avoid technicalities, and sicuro relate the whole yoga philosophy preciso the ordinary and simple daily life of everyone.

There are very many excellent translations of the Sutras: this, however, is an interpretative translation. There are several scholarly and erudite commentaries, too: this is definitely not one of them. This book is not meant for the research scholar but for one who is per search of truth which shall free him from self-ignorance.

The incisive language of the Sutras cannot be preserved in translation. An extraordinary feature of the Sutras is the avoidance of direct commandments, dogmatic assertions and the use of active voice. Whereas every effort has been made to retain the structure of the text, in a few cases (for example, in Sutra I. 49) slight changes have had to be made to sustain the easy flow of thought. (The words which represent the translation of the text are underlined.)

Anyone who translates a text which is con the Sanskrit language is confronted by two difficulties: (a) not all languages have concise words or phrases which accurately convey the exact sense durante which the Sanskrit word is used sopra the text; and (b) the Sanskrit word itself has a number of meanings, and it is easier preciso choose the correct meaning when the word is used con a structurally complete prose or verse, than when it occurs con the Sutras. Sigue leyendo

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