But through faith, patience, love and compassion, it has

Much has been happening on the “wife’s acceptance” front the past couple of weeks. Those of you who have been following my journey to acceptance (both my own and my wife’s), will know that this is a time I never thought would come.

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I were talking. It was one of the occasional times when she’s comfortable enough about where things are to actually converse about my crossdressing.

She was worried that I might be spending too much money, because she recognizes that even going out once a month, I need new outfits to wear. Who wants to be seen in the same skirt and blouse every time out?

So she made a gesture that almost brought me to tears–she took me to her closet, pointed out several things she no longer wears, and said “they’re yours if you want them.”

I was astounded! Way back when I started documenting my journey into feminine expression, I didn’t think she’d ever get to this point. Sigue leyendo