This study try used to check on relationships ranging from connection looks, self-regulation, and you may instructional end from inside the people

The results indicated that there’s absolutely no significant relationships between safer, avoidant and insecure connection styles and informative end, but there’s a serious relationship anywhere between connection appearance with every most other that is inconsistent with consequence of earlier studies. That means, in the event that students’ thinking-control grows, the instructional conclusion have a tendency to enhance and the other way around. Furthermore, there clearly was extreme positive matchmaking between elements of thinking-control (knowledge, metacognition, motivation) and you may instructional achievement. The results try consistent with results away from earlier in the day training. The outcome and additionally showed that discover significant self-confident relationship ranging from safer accessory layout and you may mind-controls and you will knowledge. Meaning, safer attachment looks are on the large care about-regulation during the degree. Furthermore, there clearly was significant positive dating anywhere between avoidant accessory build and you may thinking-controls and you can cognition and metacognition portion, but there is however no significant dating anywhere between vulnerable accessory build and self-controls and its parts. Sigue leyendo