A female that knows the woman partner loves this lady – with the woman best interests at heart – has no condition submitting so you can him

It’s appropriate to-break treaties and you will obligations which have pagans and you will build conflict in it just in case sufficiently strong to achieve this (Koran 9:3)

  • “Believers, after you run into the new armies of infidels don’t turn your own backs on it in flight. If the individuals on that go out turns his back once again to her or him, but it is to have tactical explanations, or to register other ring he shall happen the newest wrath away from Allah and you can Heck is his household: an evil future.” (Koran 8:12-17)

“The fresh recompense to have an accident are a personal injury equal thereto (in degree): however if one forgives making reconciliation his award are owed regarding Allah: Having (Allah) loves not people that create completely wrong.” (Koran )

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