- Moderator Requirements For Anyone Applying To Become A Wireclub Moderator -

“Guys If you are truly interested in Volunteering your time to the community and become a Moderator then just inbox me a paragraph or so of your reasons and motivations .

Just be cognisant of the fact that Moderator positions are limited , Compared to the number of people interested in the position , so places are not readily available . All I can guarantee is you will be given a fair consideration . for your suitability ,

Given the numbers interested in the position there is a high chance of disappointment in not getting the Chat Privilege , That is not a reflection of you being unsuitable its more a reflection on the places being limited

I am always looking out for potentially suitable users . So Just send me a message and ill be able to put you on the waiting list of those who are interested , Should a position open up or I decide to add new Mod’s. I’ll be able to give you due consideration then ,

If you are a serial trouble maker with a high number of flags and reports , it will count against you when being considered ,

If you have a way above average number of people blocking you is an indication that you may not be suitable .

I also expect users to have an established account that is at least a year old it shows that you have the required acquaintance with the dynamics of the community ,

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