Please visit Workplace out-of Scholarships and you will Financial aid to ascertain while permitted discover a nursing loan

Payment information

  • keeps a zero per cent interest when you are subscribed to school during the half-date level otherwise significantly more than and you may during a beneficial 9 times sophistication several months when you hop out college
  • initiate cost at the end of this new elegance period and you will past for a period of 10 years, when notice is actually charged at a fixed 5 percent
  • must be paid back within this 10 years
  • do not have punishment to have paying down the borrowed funds very early
  • try campus oriented fund, when consumers pay back the borrowed funds the cash happens individually back once again to the mortgage loans.


Entry interview Accordion Finalized

In the event that provided a breastfeeding loan from the Work environment regarding Scholarships and grants and School funding, you ought to complete a couple of stages in acquisition to get the mortgage:

  • done entry counseling on the web
  • signal a master Promissory Notice

The steps for completing the Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Notes are available to students on their LOUIE online student center under the Doing Checklist. Please allow a 24 hour period between signing the promissory note and completing entrance counseling for LOUIE to update your To complete Checklist. Sigue leyendo