The fresh new slant and you can eyes rhyme from “endear’d” having “unheard” adds a much deeper elaborationtothevisualandauditorydesignofrhyme

The fresh new dovetailing of these two trouble of interpretation-the latest speaker’s of your own urn therefore the reader’s of your rhyme-starts if the audio speaker stops wanting to know so you can muse on the the newest freedom of your own urn regarding people finite significance. In the event the no “legend” would be realize towards silent tableau, it could be as “Heard melodies is actually nice, but those people unheard / Is sweeter.” With this the premises, the fresh absent “legend” discovers an effective similar during the “unheard” tunes, men and women “ditties out-of zero tone” played “Not to ever new erotic ear, however,, even more endear’d . . . Sigue leyendo