As viewer transforms and you can rotates the structure new outlines of the poem changes

Consisted of inside a tiny rectangular approximately 25 % how big brand new monitor, it is a purposely claustrophobic performs, reflecting brand new caught nature of one’s relationships talked about regarding the poem

Mary Flanagan’s The house, constructed with an open origin program writing language, Running, was electronic as it was once concept of: crystalline and inviolate. We come across a cluster regarding cubes and three-dimensional traces out-of a good poem; zoom into the and you’re inside the transparent framework, zoom away also it resembles a type of a substance material.

Poet and you may electronic musician Jason Nelson’s visual ‘s the contrary. Poem fragments and sliced right up, read photo regarding dated science textbooks float courtesy his really works including space performs Dreamaphage integrated right here, he explores brand new equivalences anywhere between worms and aspirations. Sigue leyendo