Usually Keats’s poem achieve the speechlessness of your genuine vocabulary off art?

An extra clue, to successfully pass more quicker persuading guesses, activities on the poem’s identity, recommending a factual and additionally abstract accessory out-of urn and you will poem. The brand new ode try revealed for example, whilst, an enthusiastic epigram, within its Greek origins an inscription during the verse always apply a sculpture, tomb, or funerary column. In this regard more plain and simple-minded inference to get removed on poem’s title is to perceive the text of the ode inscribed “on an excellent Grecian urn.” This will improve the fresh poem’s discourse to your ekphrasis of the a good recourse toward prototypical come across away from graphic and you will literary ways, the new epigrammatic fiction away from a talking brick devote rescue from the the brand new quiet brick on which the latest epigram try inscribed, an encounter formulated by antagonistic collusion of your own stonemason and you can new epigrammatist qualified about rhetoric of prosopopoeia. The newest epigrammatist gives an imaginary voice and, because was indeed, deal with, prosopon, toward stone; the mason silences this voice towards the composing chiselled into brick, reducing code to a beneficial lapidary materiality, that the passer-by the may once again get toward address. Sigue leyendo