six Tommy and you will Mary Lou (The person Who Decrease To Environment)

If Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is a keen alien, god, otherwise some one another are a topic for the next day. The main point is that he is out-of several other globe, with his love with astrophysicist Jane Foster is very much an enthusiastic intergalactic that. Possibly the most photo primary couple with this number, both of these have it all of the going for him or her — divine stamina (him), smarts (her), and you will otherwordly good looks (both). It’s an embarrassment after that which they are unable to seem to obtain it be effective, a sad simple fact that most long way matchmaking came so you’re able to understand. Interfering duties and you can family upcoming between them does not make it simpler either.

Regardless of hearsay one we’ve got seen the history out of Natalie Portman’s Jane, i would not give up these and still picture them governing the nation with her someday — any sort of globe it choose.

Some people may argue that Tommy never in reality liked Mary Lou. Sigue leyendo