Here’s How To Gently Tell Your Partner You’d Like To Have Sex More Often

Despite what many rom-coms and sitcoms seem to tell you, sexual compatibility does not magically develop between two people without any effort at all. It’s actually a very delicate and necessary process that you and your partner can take part in cultivating together. For example, when it comes to sex drives, it’s very normal and common to have differing levels of desire for sex. If you’re curious about how to tell your boyfriend you want more sex, relationship and sex experts have some tips.

“Sexual frequency is an issue in every single relationship for several reasons, so if you want a happy, lasting, compatible relationship you and your partner should talk about sex,” Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, a sex and relationship expert, tells Elite Daily. “You cannot expect your desire for sex to align with your partner’s perfectly. That would be like asking them to want the same foods in the same quantity at the same time every day as you. It’s normal to want different things.”

Sex isn’t something that just happens; it requires a lot of communication to be the best it can be. Speaking openly about what it is you want, like, and dislike with your partner, as well as hearing what they have to say, is an incredibly positive thing for your shared sex life. Sigue leyendo