Would You Stay at a Sex Hotel if it Were Really, Really Nice?

Whitney Allen was en route from San Diego to her condo in Akumal, Mexico, when her husband suggested they spend the night in an auto hotel. Often used by road trippers making their way around Mexico, auto hotels feature a single-vehicle garage connected to a room via a door. Guests pay in advance for the block of time they wish to stay (usually priced for four-, eight-, or twelve-hour options), pull their vehicle into the garage, and then enter their room through the connecting door.

As they drove to the Hotel La pico, Allen steeled herself for what she assumed would be bare-bones accommodations; she just hoped their room would be clean. But when they pulled up to the hotel, “it was glorious,” she says. “Like a really posh resort.” The room, she says, was “gleaming” and double the size of a standard hotel room.

But when Allen turned on the television, hoping to catch up on the news, she realized that something was different about Hotel La Marina. The first channel she turned on: porn. The next channel: porn. Every single channel available was showing porn. Another strange amenity: the pack of condoms in the bathroom, nestled in a basket of products alongside the body lotion and shampoo.

Although some auto hotels’ rooms are closer to get-the-job-done functional than mind-blowingly fabulous, the nicer auto hotels offer lap pools and Jacuzzis as well as mirrors on the ceiling and sex swings

As it turns out, Mexican auto hotels don’t only cater to long-distance truckers and pet-laden gringos looking for a place to sleep. In fact most of the people staying at auto hotels aren’t there to sleep at all: they’re there to have sex. Sigue leyendo