Ginseng also helps with sexual activeness, myocardial function, liver function, metabolism, and stress responses from air pollution and noxious stimuli

Then move them to a ventilated and shaded area for further drying. This is to avoid the damaging of the inner spongiform and protect active ingredients.

A : Lay the wild ginseng roots flat on top of the cardboard box or wood plate, place it in a ventilated and shaded area. Space them from each other, no stack. Dry them naturally itself.

B : Below picture on the left: Nail the elder aged ginseng on top of a Styrofoam board, properly spacing between them. Place the board in a ventilated shady place.

C : Below picture in the center: Clamp the necks of ginseng roots, then hang them in a ventilated shade place so as to avoid the neck turns curved and the purchase price can be increased.

Below picture on the right: With the right way of digging, storage, cleaning, and drying, the inner color looks milky white. Sigue leyendo