The area from which one steps in therefore makes a big difference

For instance, despite the physical aspect of a potential partner having to always obtain a pass from the M-AA, the excitement of the man’s M-RA sparked by the psychological characteristics of the woman may in turn fuel the M-AA’s sexual interest , even toward women that would not match the abstract standards of desirability of that particular man, and this will happen all the more intensely and consequentially the more the TU-C will have been iterated with success. Moreover, the direct reward obtained by a partner ends up, within a well-functioning TU-C, feeding in turn the indirect reward of the other partner who, if responding with an excitement of her/his RA (thanks to the success of the compatibility test), which feeds in turn her/his AA, eventually stimulates the RA of the former, thus closing the circuit. Therefore, if each partner is able to successfully move along her/his hemicycle of the TU-C, a self-catalytic positive feedback circuit will be established, leading to the strengthening and stabilization of the couple bond. Sigue leyendo