Replace/Correct the latest Magnesium Deficiency Before Potassium (Hypokalemia)!

In the ICU, our company is in certain cases enthusiastic about and work out all of our patients “euboxic” otherwise, a great deal more clearly said, all labs values contained in this typical ranges. That being said, electrolytes was one thing i replete daily and you may our very own nurse family unit members normally have protocols hence train them about how to manage and proper these derangement to hopefully improve the outcome of one’s customers. While i is actually a citizen, among my personal mentors and you will a close friend even today, Dr. Mike Ruiz, taught us to best the brand new magnesium (whenever hypomagnesemia is available) prior to repairing the new hypokalemia (potassium insufficiency) for the patients exactly who necessary the electrolytes repleted. Sigue leyendo