Ideas on how to obtain their qualified digital transcript or recognized letter

When you demand

Find out if you might be eligible for a zero cost digital transcript, with the our eQuals – qualified digital documents manual:

Post Description: A student manual for qualifications for electronic records and records.

The payment function demands an up to date browser. You can examine should your browser works with via this website link: if the web browser does not pass, be sure to upgrade it before making your very own arrange.

Once operating of your own obtain an avowed digital transcript or official letter has commenced, it’s longer easy for one alter your mind and ask for a reimbursement.

You should be aware about the school possess a $60 repayment process price that is valid for all incentives, and anyone would sustain in such a case. For additional know-how, begin to see the University of Auckland schedule.

Simple tips to demand your accredited electronic record online

Before ordering an electronic digital transcript and/or page, you need to examine your unofficial transcript on college student Companies on line. This really is to ensure that all of your current marks include demonstrating precisely as your programme condition can be forecast.

It’s also advisable to check that there are no holds on your levels mainly because may prevent the handling of your respective request. See your Rates Report.

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Running and delivery times

Records or emails capture between two to three working days to approach.

Should you decide distribute a consult before 3pm, your documents are published to simple eQuals after two working days at 3pm. Sample: arrange earned tuesday 2.45pm, ready Wednesday 3pm.

So long as you publish an inquire after 3pm, your articles can be revealed to your eQuals after three working days at 3pm. Sigue leyendo