Gender Expanded: The very thought of dos Genders Try Extremely Simplistic

As the a medical geneticist, Paul James are familiar with discussing several of the most sensitive and painful problems with his patients. But in very early 2010, he receive themselves with an especially shameful conversation about gender.

A beneficial 46-year-dated pregnant woman got decided to go to his clinic at the Royal Melbourne Medical around australia to listen to the outcomes of a keen amniocentesis take to so you’re able to screen her baby’s chromosomes getting abnormalities. The child try good-however, realize-right up evaluation got revealed one thing eye-popping regarding the mom. The girl body are established of cells out-of one or two somebody, probably of twin embryos which had merged inside her mom’s womb. And there are alot more. One selection of tissue transmitted several X chromosomes, the fresh new fit you to normally produces a guy lady; others had an X and a good Y. Sigue leyendo