If I were the one making her headstone it might say something like this

Hypnosexray138 lol Merry Chritsmas, Blogger Hypnosexray138 hello cjHypnosexray138 i just had to send my christmas greeting to dear blogger cjwskiram Yes, Sparky

Word on the street earlier this week is that Zizzy passed away a few days ago and although she wasn’t a fan of the pier by any means, she was more than helpful in providing the link quickly and quite often and for that i am thankful.

Merry Christmas Hyp!! Merry Christmas cjw and thanks for the input the last few months, i think this was the right time to handle it all. ?– flogginmollyxxxx Merry Christmas! ????

Merry Christmas!! and molly, a belated Happy Birthday to you as well, i got sidetracked a lot in Feb and when i was doing this post i was thinking of as many people to whisper to as i can, and what’s better than two whispers in one right?

Merry Christmas pixie and good to see you around some when i’m actually awake, i somehow miss your appearances most the time. Now for some preemptive ear whispers, come closer people and lend me your ears.

Merry Christmas!! rachelstein (not sure if you changed names, hope all is well your way) Merry Christmas!! heidipart5 (good to see you around more too) Merry Christmas!! goatgirlgold (hope you and the mr are well and you have lots of happy goats) Merry Christmas!! ! byrdy, hope you and the Little Byrd and family is good, hope you visit when you can Merry Christmas!! exmachina Merry Christmas!! roam Merry Christmas!! Sigue leyendo