These issues for small businesses opened the door to a discussion of the need to diversify a company’s online presence

While we’re at it: if you don’t have a Web site of your own and you’ve been blogging and creating content on third-party platforms, now might be a good time to reconsider creating one and owning your own little corner of the internet. ??

As WP Tavern put it, “Businesses put themselves in a vulnerable place when they rely on a walled garden to deliver audience engagement….It’s time to invest in the long-term health of your online presence by building on the open web.”

In other news

  • It’s a ten-minute space orbit, Jim. William Shatner, who played Star Trek’s famous Captain, Jim Kirk, is to become the oldest person to travel into space at 90 years of age. Joining three other passengers aboard Jeff Bezo’s Blue Origin New Shepard spacecraft, the group departs from Texas on October 12th. As with the previous maiden flight in July, this second voyage will take the crew just beyond the Karman Line – the most widely recognized boundary of space which lies 100km (60 miles) above the Earth. Sigue leyendo