The current research is section of a larger enterprise into the sexual wellness away from TGNB some body

Tompkins’ (2014) work with this new story of your “tranny chasers” initiate of a totally various other premise. Using an electronic ethnographic methodology, assessed study from articles and YouTube video away from Light cisgender ladies hitched which have transmasculine some body. Tompkins contended the discourse to fetishizing TGNB anyone is bound and you may inherently pathologizes interest and you can interest with the TGNB some body, whether or not this is in relation to certain partners or a desires getting relationship TGNB members of standard. Therefore, the newest rhetoric off transfetishism could possibly get stop cisgender folks from talking publicly about their destination in order to TGNB members of public areas and online, it is therefore a taboo (Tompkins, 2014). So it research don’t evaluate directly the feel of TGNB individuals, but rather oriented sensation of cisgender people. Tompkins’ search examines potential features from fetishism for transgender anyone (we.e., targeting brand new regions of appeal and you will libido when you look at the an optimistic way). Sigue leyendo