The newest Gifts Gay Guys Don’t want Upright Visitors to Know

Because the homosexual people and lesbians score better and you may nearer to new mainstream they will have tend to exchanged within image as queer radicals which become the latest Stonewall Riots on milquetoast assimilationists who are in need of to get hitched and have kids and put HRC bumper decals to their cars. That doesn’t mean the audience is nonetheless not queer radicals. It just mode we are concealing they from you.

That is right, there are all types of secrets that Ted and Ned, the favorable gay pair nearby for you into coordinating BMWs while the demure sweater set aren’t letting you know, probably starting with the reason he has the individuals bolts in the ceiling of your own “den” (It’s toward sling and you will “den” is actually homosexual to have “intercourse place”). Today, it’s time to allow the straights within the for the a number of our very own dirty little gifts. Let’s find out if you will still such as for instance us next. Sigue leyendo