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I think this might be my first post. I have been reading TFF for a while now. I wish I had some reports to give for Orlando, but I haven’t seen a regular girl here in some time. I usually go for the girls who are into fetishes. Is anyone else into these providers? Sigue leyendo

Traveling Back Home from Mexico is Quick and Affordable

If you’re working in Mexico, you may be eligible to get health insurance through the Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social or IMSS. This is a system where the government, the employer, and the employee share the healthcare cost.

You get to learn Spanish

If you’ve ever wanted to learn Spanish, living in Mexico gives you the perfect opportunity to pick up the language. The only way to become fluent is to jump in and immerse yourself. It’s amazing what you can pick up through day to day life. Some ways to speed up your learning include:

  • Practice speaking with friends and people you encounter- Have a chat with grocery clerks, waiters, bartenders, and randoms you meet on the street. It may be kind of awkward at first but it is a free way to improve your speaking and listening skills. Most Mexican people are friendly and happy to help you learn.
  • Study independently with apps and audio courses-Duolingo and Memrise offer loads of free courses that you can do on your phone. As for audio courses, I recommend Language Transfer Spanish. This is, by far, the best audio language program that I have found and it is free!
  • Read in Spanish- Books, newspapers, magazines, menus, signs, etc. all help to improve your vocabulary.
  • Attend Spanish classes or hire a tutor- If you have room in your budget, this is the quickest way to learn. You could get one on one lessons with a decent teacher for around $10 per hour.
  • Watch TV and movies in Spanish- For beginners, children’s shows are great. They talk slow and use a limited vocabulary. Sigue leyendo