Here’s an example off precisely what the FTDNA chromosome web browser turns out when comparing the signed-inside the equipment so you’re able to one or two most other set:

FTDNA’s chromosome browser

A total of five set can be viewed on the other hand in the chromosome web browser. These may feel selected by the ticking packets in one of the terrible customized selectors conceivable. To preserve the brand new anonymity from my FTDNA-overall-suits and also to prevent shaming brand new designer, I do not tell you it right here. It is on the seven.5 traces tall, however, reveals an individual’s FTDNA-overall-suits 10 at a time, ordered of the surname, necessitating a vertical scrollbar. It operates together to the left off chromosomes 8 so you’re able to 18, with plenty of empty light place to the left out of chromosomes 19 so you’re able to X. Rather than indicating the usual the colour-coded lay-owners where no mugshots are available, they suggests gray mugshots for both women and men. My basic FTDNA-overall-meets by the surname was recognized only of the their initials “N An effective”. I must head to another loss and appearance having his or the lady colour-coded mugshot to choose if or not this is a masculine otherwise good people, that’s really high when considering the latest X-chromosome.

If the Terry area-matched up myself almost everywhere one she region-matches the girl mother and therefore their mom region-suits me personally, i

Anybody I know as a result of family history delivered myself new screenshot above (pulled ahead of FTDNA extra the latest X-chromosome), made if you’re logged directly into their mom’s FTDNA system. Why don’t we call the woman Terry. There are many a great deal more similar instances into the ISOGG Wiki.

Terry’s mommy and that i are also FTDNA-overall-matches. Just like the chatted about into the FTDNA fb page, we part-meets for the 14 regions of 1cM or higher. Sigue leyendo