Your become assess: should my high-earning boyfriend pay more of the book?

Might an any unequal split trigger a broken down household? We air both edges and ask one create a verdictHave a disagreement you want decided? Or desire to be section of our very own jury? Click the link

The prosecution: Roland

My date, James, is an excellent guy but he is very tight with money. We relocated into a gorgeous two-bedroom flat six months in the past whenever I was on a fantastic salary, involved in finance. After that, we altered be effective inside foundation sector, that we’d usually desired to perform, and mightn’t manage my personal 1 / 2 of the rent.

James is legal counsel which makes a virtually six-figure wage, and for him, revenue shouldn’t be a problem. But once I inquired when we could divide the lease or while I found my personal feet, the guy made a huge package from it. The guy told me i ought to a€?learn to budgeta€? and therefore he’d getting a€?giving me moneya€? monthly if you are paying a lot more book. I do not view it like this a€“ he’s merely paying much more because he has the way to achieve this. James consented to a split, nevertheless now requires every possible opportunity to criticise my personal spending habits.

The guy waits through to the refrigerator is totally empty therefore I have to go on and purchase goods. Sigue leyendo