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Dudley Grammar School’s to try out industries adjoined those of this new Dudley Girl’s Senior high school 23 where Honigmann’s youngest guy, Paul (b. Breslau, thirteen Sep 1933), twenty-four went to the latest school’s preschool, where he remembers the “teachers was indeed kind, and you may sophisticated.” 25 The headmistress of the Women’s Senior high school, Sybil Frood, was a president of one’s Dudley Refugee Panel. Paul Honigmann was produced so you can Frood into the his first day at university. twenty-six She offered just like the committee’s assistant when you look at the succession so you’re able to Tilley and you may penned their final report within the December 1945. Frood was designated headmistress regarding Dudley Girls’ Senior school in 1914 shortly after a distinguished job from the Cambridge College. She held this particular article up to the lady old-age when you look at the 1941. Frood was accountable for the new expansion of your Senior high school away from a little unit on the certainly one of prominence in your community. Sigue leyendo