Sumpferl(Italian language “quick marsh”) is actually regards to demeanor not white but rather depressed

Subsequent, the majority of these nicknames denote white or weightless some thing otherwise beings, such as precipitation, snowfall, stars, and you will air, but also short animals and herbs. This new lightness will be compared which have a minumum of one nickname regarding new distinctive line of character nicks, however it does not neatly easily fit into this new blossoms, fauna, nor meteorology/astrology classes. Within this framework, the brand new metaphorical denotation away from marsh indicates a person who is sucked to your marsh and that’s perhaps past assist. If “marsh” is actually realize metaphorically as dining illness, this individual does not appear to have much expect good eliminate. Along with not too optimistic otherwise self-confident is actually Schattenvoegelchen(Italian language “brief shadow bird”), which even with smallness and probably lightness, displays properties off covering up and perhaps depression.

There is you to private noun you to constructs a potentially care about-pretty sure label: quorkepf

An abundance of individual nouns are also put just like the nicknames, by way of example Ampelweibchen(German “short tourist light people”). It is a modification of the word Ampelmannchen(Italian language “short guests light men”), that is a highly-known and you can commercialized shape for the Italian language travelers bulbs. Actually the small boy is the customers white, turning purple and environmentally friendly. With regards to functions, the latest trait out-of constantly modifying tone indicates an unstable attention otherwise a person who appear to change the woman attention or doesn’t understand exactly what she desires Sigue leyendo