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Josiah Warren (1798 – 1874) “is actually a western utopian socialist, individualist philosopher, polymath, societal reformer, inventor, singer, printer ink and writer. He is considered because of the some as earliest Western anarchist (regardless of if Warren never utilized the term anarchism himself) therefore the five-page weekly papers he edited throughout the 1833, This new Silent Revolutionist, the original anarchist periodical typed, was an enterprise wherein he built his very own printing-press, shed his own type of, and made his or her own print plates.”

Lysander Spooner

Lysander Spooner (1808 – 1887) “is actually a western individualist anarchist. He had been including a keen abolitionist, business owner, essayist, legal theorist, pamphletist, political philosopher, Unitarian, copywriter and you will a person in the first Worldwide. Sigue leyendo