Freya or Freyja ‘s the deity away from like, crave, and you will charm, the deity of flames and you may rich, red gold

Brand new brash more youthful gods fall for their since the the do, and term her the brand new Reasonable That

- VI – Partners Freya Norse Goddess regarding Like and you may Charm Like is fuel produced gorgeous. This woman is the embodiment out-of silver, glowing, stunning, valuable, and you can magical. This woman is among the Elderly Gods, the newest Vanir, therefore the High Goddess of Northern countries through to the future of your Aesir, the latest gods from Valhalla. In place of most other beings of the Senior community like the freeze beasts, Freya is actually invited regarding the the fresh new acquisition. She actually is a beneficial magician and contour-shifter, getting Barbara Moore and you may she teaches the power of charms and you may spells towards more youthful gods. She becomes chief of one’s Valkyries, the fresh new divine warrior maidens whom choose heroes from among the many fallen, and promote them to take in afterwards both in the desk out of the father jesus Odin otherwise from the her own dining table, that is equal for the majesty. Sigue leyendo