Your parents would reprimand you and teach you that you shouldn’t play with your food – you should eat it

Remember when you used to play with your food as a kid and it would end up all adventist singles nedir over the floor? Ah, those were the days.

The first step to a good romping session with food is to let go of any fears you have about the bedding getting dirty. It’s going to happen, so just accept it. Don’t worry about your sheets. Don’t worry about getting sticky – just have fun with it! (If you really can’t get past this, have your playtime in the kitchen!)

As an adult, you’re able to not only eat your food but play with it, too. While whipped cream is the go-to edible accessory for bedroom play, there are so many other fun foods to use!

DiAnna Ritola is a spiritual sex and intimacy coach who says that as long as people don’t have food allergies, most food is safe for sexploration. “Fun activities with food allow for sensuality and creativity,” she says. “This also promotes a connection on a heart level because both partners are engaging in new areas of the brain when exploring new ground.”

  1. If you are prone to yeast infections, avoid sugary foods on, in or near the vulva.
  2. Make sure all foods that are/will be inserted into the body are washed well prior to play.
  3. Any food that is going to be inserted places should have a condom on it, switching it out when going from one place to another to avoid infection.
  4. Avoid anything that may sting sensitive tissues or open cuts. This includes vinegar, hot sauce, citrus juice and salty foods.

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