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Most readily useful Proof of Real Wedding to help with good Spousal I-130 Petition

To obtain an eco-friendly credit for your spouse, you can start the process by filing Mode We-130, Petition to possess Alien Relative which have U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Attributes (USCIS). Additionally, you will need to fill out evidence of a real wedding. “Bona fides” is actually Latin and means “good-faith.” It certainly is utilized in a legal perspective to spell it out anything as being genuine. So it exceeds distribution a marriage certification. Misunderstanding may cause a denial. We’re going to determine as to the reasons.

Processing the We-130 petition is simply the first rung on the ladder throughout the loved ones-centered immigration procedure. It’s vital you establish a legitimate spousal relationships at this area, but also over and over. USCIS officials is even more mindful giving eco-friendly notes so you’re able to partners of the newest U.S. petitioner.

In reality, immigration officials commonly query a lot more questions relating to the partnership for the green cards interview. Sigue leyendo